Traffic sources

The new road from Naiorbi to Thika (Photographer: Brendan Bannon)

Nairobi’s Thika Road, mid-upgrade, heading north

By Mike

Sincere apologies for the lack of Back Story updates in recent days. It’s been a mite busy. I’ll be back here posting again regularly from now.

For those who’d want to read a little more technical information about Nairobi’s urban planning, particularly how it relates to traffic flow, two good reports are worth a look. Those of you watching Dispatches from an academic point of view, especially journalism students, will be able quickly to see where I found bits of my information for today’s Dispatch on roads. Some usable information is also on the Nairobi Metropolitan Development ministry’s website (which isn’t loading properly as I post this, should be up again soon).

Feel free to ask questions etc about why I picked certain facts and left out others.

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