A city symphony….

By Brendan

Whenever I’m on assignment, there are a bunch of images shot along the way which might not directly relate to the story that I’m photographing that day. Here, then, are the moving, rolling, chronologically-ordered ‘drive-by shots’ creating a kind of soundtrack, or a ‘picture track’, of the two months of preparing for, then running, Daily Dispatches.


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4 Responses to “A city symphony….”

  1. Sara says:

    Thanks dude! Your photos have a really beautiful soul!

  2. Lisa Forrest says:

    These are just so eye opening and beautiful. I hope that you & Mike are able to turn this project into a book…and continue to share this meaningful work through other venues. Kudos to you both!

  3. Tyler K. says:

    This project has had me wondering about the artistic from the journalistic points of view. These pictures are that of an artist instead of a paintbrush you use your camera to catch the here and the now. The words used to describe each dispatch is what is being represented in each photo, but I believe that the words that are published with each dispatch have artistic value. Even though art is found every where the places chosen to put art is usually chosen to stand out and at Buffalo state College your posts are just another post on the wall. They blend in the wall they are stuck up on and the lighting of the building is gloomy. From the time you walk into the Bulger communication building all the good feelings are sucked right out of you due to the dim lights and the dark brick and cement that makes up this building. Each dispatch has their own meaning and the pictures that you notice are just remarkable you are catching different aspects of African culture that no one would expect to be thriving and growing out of the third world status with each passing day.

  4. Mike Willer says:

    This project overall was very interesting. The CNN news write up has shown that there has been some backlash from some natives of Kenya. It has been interesting to see the the project really hasn’t changed the approach to covering this area. It would be useful if the audience of the Daily Dispatches could get the authors take on why there was a backlash from people even though the intentions were not to use the stereotypical approach of western journalism.