The best of the rest

By Brendan During the first Daily Dispatches, in Nairobi, there were a bunch of images that I took that didn’t exactly fit the narrative of the story we were filing that day. But still, they tell the story of Nairobi today. Removed of editorialization, perhaps they are a stand-alone opus of the city, visually.

Friends in our night

P.O.P. heads out into Nairobi’s fast-changing night-time party scene Nairobi’s character changes after the sun’s gone down. P.O.P and Richie Rich, hip-hop musicians with the city’s Ukoo Flani collective, tell Mike Pflanz how past midnight is not as you might imagine. WESTLANDS, April 16, 2011 (Daily Dispatches) – It’s way into tomorrow already, and the DJ at the Skylux club, on the 3rd floor of a nondescript office block, has packed the dance floor. It filled up late – the Barcelona vs Real Madrid soccer game kept most of the partygoers in the pub longer than usual. But now the beats deepen, and the dance-floor darkens. RICHIE RICH – Something new’s coming to Nairobi in the last five years. You know there’s a lot moving in this city, there’s construction, there’s new apartments everywhere, guys are feeling that there’s a hype about the place, it’s picking up. Money’s moving around. Read More…