DD writing styles

By Mike

You’d be forgiven for feeling a little confused about the way I’m writing the Daily Dispatches. The format for each has been very different from the last: a first-person reportage, a transcription of quotes, a long-read feature and now a Q+A with the mysterious DJ B.

Why am I doing this? Frankly, and without meaning to sound self-indulgent, because I can. Daily Dispatches has lifted my usual restrictions of writing as a hard news foreign correspondent and I’m having fun playing with different forms and formats. It also makes sense not to have one great long piece on the blog followed by another significant chunk of copy the next day.

I’m keen to know which you all prefer to see, so that I can tailor what’s coming up to “feed the beast”, so to speak.

Hope you’re all enjoying. Any other thoughts or comments? We wanna hear them.

One Response to “DD writing styles”

  1. Juliet Okoth says:

    Mike, I love it. Do it how you love it!!